For Alysse (2015)

Performed by Carla Fabris

For solo guitar or harp

Written for my sister Alysse's wedding for her to walk down the aisle to. Played by my good friend Carla Fabris on harp at the Balboa Theatre.

Recorded and mixed by Nahuel Bronzini

none of us were overly concerned... mvmt II (2016)

Performed by Karl Schultz

For solo piano. Originally for flute, cello, and piano.

Performed by pianist and composer Karl Schultz at the Center for New Music in San Francisco. Arranged for him at his request. A contemplative piece.



Summer(s) of '69 (2015)

Performed by Elevate Ensemble

For solo viola, two violas, or either of the above with audience participation.

In this piece, the audience is asked to sing along with the viola in single breaths, akin to Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditations.

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Squirrels aren't the cute little things you think they are (2015)

Performed by Amy Foote
Text by Damon

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Commissioned and performed by Amy Foote based on her (and her friend, Damon's) interactions and observations of squirrels.



Minué en el nombre de Maggie (2010)

Performed by Matt Peterson

For solo piano.

Written in the style of Ravel's Minuet sur le nom de Haydn.

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Phut (2009)

Performed by Rebekah Heller

For solo bassoon. Written while at the Walden School.

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