Washington National Opera - American opera initiative

New chamber opera with libretto by Marella Martin Koch, "Pepito", slated for performance on January 12 at the Kennedy Center.

Cool Grey City

Residency with Nomad Session culminating in a 40 minute work for wind octet and video by Maggie Beidelman, featuring footage of San Francisco's public spaces. Click to see the live performance.

At night we go inside to sleep

Collaborative dance performance with for change dance collective and Teatro Catalina in Nicaragua, slated for performance at ODC Dance Commons in October, 2018.

Alice Blumenfeld - Abrepaso

New work for solo flamenco dancer and electronics, slated for performance sometime in 2019

Music From New Mexico

Friction Quartet is commissioning me to write a new work as part of their Commissioning Initiative.

New work for Duo Cortona

Written as part of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music, slated for performance at the University of South Carolina in December, 2018