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Cool Grey City

Performed by Nomad Session

“Cool Grey City” is a concert series which features a newly commissioned work written by Bay Area composer, Nick Benavides, and video showcasing San Francisco's public spaces captured by AJ+ video producer, Maggie Beidelman. This project focuses on the intersection of music and hidden spaces of San Francisco and will be featured in three separate performances. See more info for descriptions.

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Ghost Trap

Performed by Ghost Trap

Siroko Duo (Jessie Nucho and Tori Hauk, flutes)

Ghost Trap is a piece commissioned by Siroko Duo and the Guerrilla Composers Guild. The piece was written during a co residency with the performers and composers at Avaloch Farm Music Institute in New Hampshire.

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The oldest thirst there is

Performed by Winnie Nieh and Matt Schwede
Text by Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks)

Text by Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks) Winnie Nieh, soprano Matt Schwede, cello The oldest thirst there is - Rumi (trans. Coleman Barks) Give us gladness that connects with the Friend, a taste of the quick, you that make a cypress strong and jasmine jasmine.

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The Artist

Performed by Jill Brenner and Paul Dab
Poetry by David Thomas Lloyd

Jill Morgan Brenner, soprano Paul Dab, piano Music: Nick Benavides Poetry: David Thomas Lloyd

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The Color Festivals

Performed by Elevate Ensemble

Performance by Derek Tam, harpsichord, with Elevate Ensemble, Chad Goodman, artistic director. Detailed story descriptions and pictures of the book in more info.

I. The Enchanted Tree 0:00
II. Discontented Dewdrop 3:21
III. The Grumpies 4:48
IV. Towser 7:09
V. The Land of "I Forgot" 10:05
VI. The Magic Gloves 13:16

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Performed by One Found Sound

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