Orchestra, Large Ensemble, and Conducted

Magnetismus (2015)

Performed by One Found Sound

For orchestra

Winner of the 2016 Heartland Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition

Written for their One Found Sound's gala

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Cool Grey City (2017)

Performed by Nomad Session

“Cool Grey City” is a concert series which features a newly commissioned work written by Bay Area composer, Nick Benavides, and video showcasing San Francisco's public spaces captured by AJ+ video producer, Maggie Beidelman. This project focuses on the intersection of music and hidden spaces of San Francisco and will be featured in three separate performances. See more info for descriptions.

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Pain has an element of blank (2014)

Performed by Danielle Sampson, Tyler Catlin, and SFCM Musicians
Poetry by Emily Dickinson

For chamber orchestra and mezzo-soprano

1. -  It's such a little thing to weep —
2. -  Wild nights — Wild nights!
3. -  "Faith" is a fine invention
4. -  Heart! We will forget him!
5. -  Success is counted sweetest
6. -  I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
7. -  I'm Nobody! Who are you?
8. -  I taste a liquor never brewed —

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Summer(s) of '69 (2015)

Performed by Elevate Ensemble

For two flute, trumpet, bassoon, two string quartets, bass, conductor, and video

Recorded live on September 18th, 2015 at the Sol Joseph Recital Hall in San Francisco.

Video by: Maggie Beidelman Benavides Performed by: Elevate Ensemble (Music Director Chad Goodman)

San Francisco is a city that has been defined by eras. First there was the gold rush, the wild west, and the transcontinental railroad from 1849-1869. Then there was the summer of love, creativity, and mental expansion, peaking around 1969. Finally, we live in an age of information, globalization, and innovation. While we like to think of our same city as wearing different clothes in each instance, in reality all of those traits have been present all along. The city has always been enterprising, artistic, and entrepreneurial. This piece is an exploration of those three seemingly disparate themes, viewed through a modern day lens only.

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