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Cool Grey City: Part 3

“Cool Grey City” is a concert series which features a newly commissioned work written by Bay Area composer, Nick Benavides, and video showcasing San Francisco's public spaces captured by AJ+ video producer, Maggie Beidelman. This project focuses on the intersection of music and hidden spaces of San Francisco and will be featured in three separate performances. There is a reason the phrase, "I left my heart in San Francisco", exists. Sure - cable cars, Fisherman's Wharf and tiny squares of Ghirardelli Chocolate are all delightful - but are they the reason so many people quote this phrase?


What about San Francisco's tucked away stair cases, community gardens, block sized patches of green and that one "quiet spot" with a great view that only a local can lead you to? These are the hidden spaces we are interested in and we believe that there is something more magical waiting to be discovered amidst all the fog.